Bad Boys for Life: directors could work for Marvel after their box

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After 17 years of waiting, the famous Bad Boys 3 that Michael Bay does not make  is released in theaters. And against all odds, it explodes the box office.
Bad Boys II  had painfully repaid its budget of $ 130 million (273.3 million in revenue excluding inflation). The question of a sequel was therefore postponed for a long time until Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah recovered the project.
They then gave birth to a film that surprisingly pleased critics , nostalgic like everyone of that time when cars explode when a beretta is fired at their bumper. In two weeks and on a budget of 90 million,  Bad Boys for Life  brought in $ 215.6 million , a sacred performance that surprised the world.

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This makes a good entry in the CV of its directors, having, in fact, succeeded their smashing entry into the ruthless lands of Hollywood. Before a Bad Boys 4 now more than likely , they could well attack a big American franchise, less rich in police violence, vulgar punchlines and  Martin Lawrence . Even Disney, a great guru of modern mainstream cinema, has shown interest through its subsidiary Marvel Studios. In an interview with ,  El Arbi  said he participated in a meeting with the firm’s executives :
“Well, there is nothing concrete. They just met us. They said they liked the movie and just said, “Yo, what do you want to do? Let’s find something to work on.” So there is nothing planned yet, it was just a kind of meeting. But yeah, let’s see if we find something cool. “
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If there is strong doubt of the presence of the word “Yo” in the vocabulary of the laying of the MCU, these declarations confirm the interest carried by Disney to the two realizers. The fact that they even ask them directly what they want to do rather than impose something on them and fire them during pre-production also speaks volumes about the strong impression that  Bad Boys for Life made  within ‘industry. What interests  Kevin Feige  and his team is probably this ability to seize a franchise without losing their identity … and their economic capital .
“Now, with  Disney + , everything has evolved so much that there is so much to do. You can make a film or a series. And we have been so busy with  Bad Boys  that we haven’t explored anything yet. So what we are going to do now, me and  Bilall , is that we are going to look at what they have and we would like to find something to work on with them, but we don’t really know what it would be. “
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