Birds of Prey: Margot Robbie explains why Gotham City Sirens has been shelved

After a few years of intense mess at Warner and DC, it seems that things are gradually getting back in order. However, nothing is ever acquired in this environment.
Yes, if one can no longer resolutely say that Warner and DC are in distress since Justice League , one cannot also affirm that they are saved. Because if Aquaman and Joker were big boxes, there is still a lot to do and the building is still very fragile . But the studio does not seem to care, he who launches new projects to the chain.
photo, Margot RobbieBirds of Prey, a cobblestone in the pond?
And the next one is Birds of Prey and the fantastical story of Harley Quinn  by Cathy Yan , which will arrive on our screens on February 5 and which it seems that nobody has much to do. A film announced as very violent and offbeat, classified R , history to capitalize on the success of Deadpool and to show that, question mess and shooting, Marvel is not the only one in place . And with girls, too.
However, when we look back, it was not said that this film and not another is coming. Indeed, we remember that at the very beginning of the announcements, just after Suicide Squad , there was talk of several films around Harley Quinn. Birds of Prey obviously, but also a spin-off The Joker & Harley Quinn who would have seen the return of Jared Leto and especially Gotham City Sirens that David Ayer was to achieve , of which we have not had any news for almost three years and which n still has n’t been officially canceled. Like Margot Robbieis very invested in her character and she is also the producer of Birds of Prey , she is probably the only one who can explain to us what happened behind the scenes.
Gotham City SirensThe Sirens of Gotham
And that’s exactly what she just did at Nerdist’s microphone :
“During the shooting of Suicide Squad, we went to conventions like Comic-Con, and I realized that Harley Quinn’s fanbase was just gigantic. When I was researching the character, I started reading Birds of Prey and I first fell in love with Huntress, so I got into it even more, I thought there were a lot of cool female characters at DC and no one had ever heard of them.
So we could give fans the means to know and love them. Regarding Gotham City Sirens, it concerned only three characters and they were already well known to the public, where with Birds of Prey you can take as many as you want and form a team. So I thought it was an ideal platform to introduce several female characters and make them pillars of the DC Universe. “
photo, Margot RobbieA roughly thought out plan
To listen to it, it would therefore be a consequent initiative to expand the DC Universe with the aim of discovering lesser-known heroines. Which is noble somewhere, and interesting . But hey, do not be fooled either, if Birds of Prey works in theaters, it means above all spin-off and franchise created from scratch , therefore completely independent of other projects of the moment, like The Batman for example.

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