Dying Can Wait Will Be A Real Conclusion Of The Daniel Craig Era, Ben Wishaw Says

photo, Daniel Craig
Dying can wait is the last James Bond with Daniel Craig  in agent 007. How will the actor say goodbye to the costume? Ben Whishaw , Q’s interpreter, answered the question with optimism. 
A new era had opened in the Craig-James Bond saga, when the character Q made his return to  Skyfall . A spy without gadgets, it was a bit the case during some films, then the production found the technology expert. Ben Whishaw  plays Q, fourth in the name of EON Productions’ official films.
Photo Daniel Craig, Ben WhishawBen Whishaw and Daniel Craig, a combination of technology and strength
In an interview to promote  Surge  of Aneil Karia during the Sundance Film Festival, the actor veered  Dying can wait , and supported a great screenplay out to  Daniel Craig . He spoke at Collider’s microphone    :
“This is Daniel’s last movie under the name James Bond, so I think [fans] can hope for some sort of summary, I guess, of all of the previous Bond movies Daniel has made. There are a few of all the films there, and we come to a conclusion. 
The last Bond with Craig, also called Bond 25, promises to be the hook that will close the loop, according to  Ben Wishaw . Fans can wait for a tribute from previous episodes –  Casino Royale ,  Quantum of Solace ,  Skyfall  and  Specter – which  will find an echo in Dying can wait .   
PhotoRight, Cary Fukunaga on the set of Dying Can Wait
We can therefore  a priori be reassured about the quality of this James Bond to come. Indeed, the dissensions between the production and the first choice of director  Danny Boyle  had made us fear the worst. But  Cary Fukunaga  took over and successfully completed Daniel Craig’s last  James Bond adventure  Ben Wishaw  described shooting conditions he loved, still in  Collider:
” It was great. And you know what was incredible is that [Cary Fukunaga] treated him, or that he was able to approach it, as if it were an independent film. You see ? It was quite improvised… we didn’t do a lot of takes. It was very light. Sometimes quite chaotic, but I’m very excited to see how he built the final film.  

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