Game of Thrones: controversial end of series could have been very different according to George RR Martin

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Yes, in the title, we wrote “controversial”. But the term would rather be: “the cause of a total war between HBO and its public on social networks.”
The least we can say is that the author of the saga A Song of Ice and Fire , from which Game of Thrones is adapted  , has a particular relationship with it. Indeed, until season 5, the series logically followed the intrigue of the novels.  Martin  worked hand in hand with the now hated  David Benioff  and  DB Weiss  to bring to life his bloody and medieval political stories. But after season 4, the author left his screenwriting position for an obvious reason : the series, at the height of its glory, had surpassed the books (in time).
PhotoOne of the last poker moves concocted by  George RR Martin
Benioff  and  Weiss  therefore found themselves alone faced with the colossal heritage of their own narrative arcs and the need to finish it one day. At the time, no one really knew how to end this multi-character epic. The writer and his colleagues wanted a concentrated ending in three films, which would be released in theaters . If the idea is far from being stupid from an economic point of view, HBO did not want to embark on this complex path and preferred to trust the duo of screenwriters.
In a recent interview with the German newspaper Welt , Daenerys’ father recalled that he was in favor of this option, and revealed that the problem was more in the lack of interest shown by the chain on the big screen . If it were a question of feature films, it would necessarily be TV movies.
“We actually considered the film option. David Benioff and DB Weiss wanted to end the saga with three big movies after season 7. But HBO didn’t want that. The executives said, “We are producing series. We are not in the cinema. And if HBO makes a film, like the film Deadwood , it will be to show it on television, not on the big screen.” What is cinema today? What is television? What is streaming? Is  Netflix  filming or watching television right now? Everything is mixed. 
PhotoThe last episode, not really the best of the series
In any case, this titanic and frankly tantalizing project will not have seen the light of day, in favor of a conclusion stretched over 6 episodes, considered by a mass of rabid fans as far too expeditious. The reactions of the actors in the series never stop flowing on both sides. George RR Martin  has never been more definitive, but he continues to regularly promise a different end in his writing .
“People know an end – but not the end”
One has the impression that he is talking about a video game with multiple outcomes where the real end is intended for the most persistent players. Because to know this famous literary conclusion, probably devoid of – attention spoilers – prisoners turning into king, it is necessary to be, persevering. The author is still far from having finished writing the last volumes. Regarding the series, a spin-off titled  House of the Dragon  should be released in 2022 . That may give him time to finish.

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