Howard the Duck: Marvel cancels series and other creations for the Hulu platform

Definitely, the life of interdimensional duck, it is not simple. And Howard’s in particular is even more complicated. With a big risk of ending up in foie gras for studio decision makers a little too shy.
We will not repeat the story, but we will just clarify that originally, Howard the duck is an independent comic book, with a duck appreciably easygoing , integrated into the Marvel universe and who had known the “honors” d ‘a film produced by George Lucas and directed by Willard Huyck in 1986, Howard … a new breed of hero .
Tim robbinsA hero who did not convince at the time
In 2014, James Gunn uses the character to make us a good joke and a big surprise at the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy , allowing Marvel to address a tense middle finger to Lucas , as well as Howard to return slightly to the front from the scene. If no remake of the film conspired is on the agenda, however, there has been talk for a year of an animated series staging it for the Hulu platform and overseen by Kevin Smith .

photo Howard Guardians of the GalaxyAn unexpected return
She is part of a project to develop four series , along with Hit Monkey, Tigra & Dazzler Show and MODOK , with the aim of bringing them all together in The Offenders . Unfortunately, we have just learned that the Howard the duck series will never see the light of day since Marvel has simply canceled it, as the Hollywood Reporter explains to us If Hit Monkey and MODOK are still relevant, the latter has just unveiled its vocal cast , Howard and Tigra & Dazzler Show seem doomed.

And it is a surprise for everyone, obviously, since Kevin Smith expressed his surprise at this decision on the microphone of Newsrama:
photo Howard HuluAn extended universe that shrinks, suddenly
“I had a text from executive producer Dave Willis in the morning who told me that we were” Tigra & Dazzlered “. I called him to find out if this was what I was thinking and he said there would be no Howard the Duck series. The only explanation that has been provided is that there are no plans for this character at this time. 
A lapidary, cold and incomprehensible decision that falls like a hair on the soup. Note however that it does not come from Hulu, but indeed directly from Marvel, without any other form of trial. Pity.

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