Sex Education season 2: the director of the Netflix series talks about the alternative ending

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WARNING ! This article contains SPOILERS on Season 2 of Sex Education . 
 Frustrated. It is the feeling that a good part of Sex Education fans  felt at the end of these new episodes which arrived on January 17th. Not that the season was disappointing. On the contrary, the deepening of decisive subjects often left aside by the teenage series has kept its promises. 
But, as touching as the manner of approaching questions of sexuality (from rape to vaginismus passing by asexuality…) is, it is impossible not to see that Sex Education is sometimes lost in silly, superficial and slightly annoying intrigues . 
Asa Butterfield picturesmay not end well for everyone …
This is evidenced by the end of the season, which replays the overused sketch of young lovers who cannot find themselves . While Eric ( Ncuti Gatwa ) with Adam ( Connor Swindells ) had their happy ending, a third person (Isaac – George Robinson ) comes to put his grain of salt in the story of Maeve ( Emma Mackey ) and Otis ( Asa Butterfield ) – already painstaking enough without the need to add a neighbor who is overcome with love. 
Except that… Otis and Maeve could not have missed out at the end of the season. One of the directors of the series, Ben Taylor , also declared at the microphone of BT TV to have shot an alternative ending, out of pure sadism . For this new scene, he had asked Emma Mackey  and  Asa Butterfield  to act as if their character had seen the other and the spectators would have had the satisfaction of seeing big smiles posed on the faces of Maeve and Otis. 
photo, Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey‘re convinced?
Those who have seen the Sex Education season know the rest… and know that it is not this end that Ben Taylor  has chosen to exploit.  
“I love being pissed off at stuff. You think you want this or that, but actually you don’t. They don’t have their time, but five minutes before on the screen, we see Eric with Adam. They have their great romantic moment. If you go around everyone and give everyone a great romantic moment, it might get a little silly.  

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