Star Trek: Picard – the first critics are seduced by the return of Patrick Stewart as captain

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Star Trek: Picard  started this Thursday, January 23. Thirty years after Star Trek: The New Generation  (18 after Star Trek: Nemesis ), the return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard is a success.
Setting the stage for its action ten years before the original series ( Star Trek ), Star Trek: Discovery  has successfully revived the franchise (notably thanks to an international broadcast on Netflix – in the United States on CBS All Access).  Following this triumphant return, Alex Kurtzman  became the thinking head of the television franchise Star Trek , his main mission being obviously the development of new series.
photo, Patrick StewartThe beginning of the adventures of J ean-Luc Picard
Logically, the development of a new series was announced in 2018. The surprise came, however, from the advertiser: Patrick Stewart . The inimitable Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The New Generation  had then declared the next arrival of a new Star Trek series centered on his character . 
Without going into the details of the franchise (50 years of history, eight series since 1966 and no less than 13 films since 1979 – it would be long), but for more precision, Star Trek: Picard  is not the continuation of Discovery , on the contrary. But signing the return of Captain Picard, it is however the unofficial sequel to the series Star Trek: The New Generation  and the film  Star Trek: Nemesis . 
photo, Star Trek: Picard, Patrick Stewartack of a legend …
Not official, because the goal is to reach the largest possible audience, and therefore not to play too much on old adventures that a number of people would not know . Despite everything, convincing fans from the start is Picard’s big challenge in that it falls into one of the shortcomings of the current cinematographic and serial world: to recycle in order to reign better. 


“The last time we saw Picard, he was a noble leader, a man of great power in a system he believed in. In Picard, it is an outsider who fights to revive the honor of a society that got lost along the way […] . Picard is not strictly speaking a return, it is a step towards something new. Something built around the character of Jean-Luc, and the impression of coming home simply by finding him and whatever the context ” Collider 
“Patrick Stewart is back […]. He is obviously a little more sedentary (Stewart is 79 years old now) and less a man of action, but the poetry of his character persists. » CNN
“Picard is equal to himself. He is older, more fragile physically and never the series or Patrick Stewart tries to say the opposite. His morality is stronger than ever, as are his words, his compassion and his ability to see beyond what is right before him. His dog could have been used as a gimmick, but it’s actually a great choice for the character and for the story. ”TrekMovie
photo, Star Trek: Picard, Patrick Stewart… and successful return


“Picard is about to become the most political part of a franchise that has always kept a progressive message of hope for humanity […] humanist values, the idea of ​​corrupt power and the refugee crisis are more than ever at the heart of the narrative. » Collider 
“The original vision for Star Trek was optimistic. Working for the Starfleet space force meant representing a federation of planets dedicated to integration and diplomacy. Now adversity has given rise to cruel isolationism straight out of the 21st century. Picard says […] Starfleet should be ashamed of having renounced their moral duties ”  The Guardian
photo, Star Trek: Picard, Patrick Stewart, Evan EvagoraWe play this fight in chi-fu-mi?


“By its tone, its texture and its narration, Picard is operating a renaissance […]   Overall, and despite its imperfections, Picard delivers a very promising first episode with Remembrance.”  Collider
“In some ways, Picard is a discreet and less traditional spectacle, but it has the advantage of building its story around a beloved character, as complicated as it may be. »  CNN
“The producers called it a” 10 hour movie “and they weren’t kidding. This first episode takes a long time to let the characters live in the world and the intrigue and to immerse us in the life of Jean-Luc in 2399.  Overall, the episode is a big jump into unknown territory. From this first episode, the rhythm is perfect, it never rushes, everything is deserved. » TrekMovie 
“Unlike Star Trek: Discovery […], this new series exploits one of the most important assets of the franchise. It is one thing to embark on a whole new adventure in the Star Trek universe and it is another to put an iconic character back on track. Maybe that’s why the series seems so shy at first. »  Variety

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