Star Wars: Mark Hamill reveals one of his great disappointments during postlogy

In the Star Wars trilogy concocted by Disney, the iconic characters of the original trilogy follow each other from one film to another, just to delight fans.

Attention: Spoilers on the three films

Thus,  Harrison Ford  came to get impaled in episode 7,  Mark Hamill  came to disappear in episode 8 and we don’t even talk about episode 9 where  Billy Dee Williams  rubs shoulders with a kind of super compilation of all the ghosts from the saga. Out of the heap, perhaps the best was  Hamill , who received a cameo in the first and last film, and was promoted to teacher in The Last Jedi  . Not frankly the favorite opus of the fans, it is however the latter which allowed him to really replay his favorite character.

Photo Mark HamillMark ,  Hamill  leagues from home

The actor is known for not being a big fan of this latest burst of feature films. He regularly tackles the productions of  Kathleen Kennedy , giving cold sweats to Disney executives. He recently stated that he no longer wanted to bring Luke back , which therefore fits with the status of this latest installment, supposed to close the Skywalker saga. But he’s not done with Rian Johnson’s version yet  Recently questioned on Twitter, he broke a new little spike towards the film .

A surfer asked him if there were any Star Wars actors with whom he would have liked to share a scene. Indeed, as often on a set of very large production, the scenario prohibited him from interacting directly with certain other iconic characters of the saga.

Mark Hamill


From Peter Cushing on, every single one of them. Imagine the fantastic Sequel Trilogy actors & only working with two of them! 

En réponse à @HamillHimself
Hi Mark, is there any actor in Star Wars you would have liked to share a scene with but didn’t get the chance ?

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“Since  Peter Cushing , each of them. Imagine seeing the fantastic actors in the trilogy of his suites and only working with two of them!”
Photo Daisy Ridley, Mark HamillMark  the big brother
The first part of his response refers to the famous actor  Peter Cushing , star of fantasy cinema in the 1950s and 1960s and interpreter of the great Moff Tarquin in the original trilogy. The second part expresses the disappointment of Hamill , having only interacted with  Daisy Ridley  and  Adam Driver  on the set of The Last Jedi  . Inevitably, Luke’s hermit status somewhat limits social interaction. Suffice to say that when reading the script for  The Ascension of Skywalker , he should not have jumped for joy either.

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