Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi series is on hiatus until further notice

At some point, they will have to admit that it’s a mess, in fact, at the Lucasfilm premises. Because for a few years, we have had the impression that their organization is a bit of a joke.
In fact, since The Last Jedi and the shitstorm that followed, it seems that Lucasfilm does not really know what to do to raise the bar of its franchise. And the failure of the film Solo: A Star Wars Story weighed heavily on the future of the franchise, killing at the same time any spin-off project in the cinema. An evil for a good one could say since it allowed the production of the series The Mandalorian for Disney + and, that in the opinion of many, the future of the saga is played there and nowhere else.
PhotoThe providential man?
Besides the Rogue One prequel series , what fans were most looking forward to was the Obi-Wan series , with the return of Ewan McGregor in the tunic of the wise Jedi. A secret that the actor had to keep for 4 years and a series which should not delay to start its production, supervised by Deborah Chow , director of all the episodes.
Except that no, in fact, none of this will happen, for the moment at least, since the Collider site has just told us that, unfortunately, the series is paused for an indefinite period . It seems that already last week, the technical team in place at the Pinewood studios, in charge of pre-production for a shoot scheduled for this summer , had said that the series had been put on hold and that they did not know not when they were going to get back to work. Today’s announcement is therefore confirmation.
Photo Ewan McGregorEwan McGregor, a little disappointed
For its part, the Hollywood Reporter reveals the possible reason for this suspension of production by explaining that the problem would come from the script of the series . Indeed, Kathleen Kennedy would not be happy with the work provided, that the starting postulate would be too similar to The Mandalorian since it would be about Obi-Wan protecting a young Luke in a similar way to the story of Baby Yoda. While a few months ago, Kennedy said that she had all the scripts for the series, it would seem that in reality there are only two who have completed their writing.
So it would be she who decided to stop everything and start all over again, looking for new writers to bring a little freshness to the universe . Moreover, it is even rumored that, suddenly, the format of the series could change, going from 6 episodes to 4. If for the moment, no recovery is announced, the series is not officially dead and it it may well resume production this fall , after slaves urgently rewrite new episodes. Which is not necessarily a good strategy.
Photo Ewan McGregorIt was well worth it to go to the laundry, what

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