The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: the unexpected future of Captain America revealed?

Filming photos of  The Falcon & The Winter Soldier  leaked … 
While last December, a photo of the Disney + The Falcon & The Winter Soldier filming   suggested the first integrations of mutants in the MCU , mid-January sounded the end of its production, the shooting in Porto Rico having to stop for an indefinite period following two earthquakes . 
Good news since then: the filming of the series has resumed and the new images are surprising to say the least.
ATTENTION this article contains a BIG SPOILER on the series The Falcon & The Winter Soldier . 
photo anthony mackieReady to knock out all the enemies of the star shield
Relayed by the site Page Six , the photos put online concern the actor Wyatt Russell  (son of Kurt Russell , alias Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ) who joined the MCU last August and mainly reveals details on his character Walker and on the plot of the series. 
Introduced to the world of Marvel comics in 1986, Walker was a kind of villain nicknamed Super Patriot before being elected by the commission of superhuman activities to take the place of Captain America. 
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Wyatt Russell spotted filming ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ series 
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22:57 – 21 janv. 2020
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Discovering photos of him in a Captain America costume, while Steve Roger Chris Evans ) gave his shield to Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie ) at the end of Avengers: Endgame , is the first big news that escapes filming . 
Obviously, they suggest the same rivalry between the two characters in the series as between those of the comics. Perhaps she will even be at the heart of the intrigue of the series, and that with the deserved retirement of Steve Roger, his successor will have to assert his rights on the shield. 
Photoaptain America VS Super Patriot
The series worn by Anthony Mackie  and Sebastian Stan  in the roles of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier is expected on Disney + next fall. 
Super Patriot should not be the only villain that the two heroes will have to face since Daniel Brühl  ( The Cloverfield Paradox ,  Captain America: Civil War ) should put his grain of salt in history by camping Baron Zemo. 
Photo, Captain America: The winter soldierThe aissez chew a piece of shield! 

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