The Mask: Is Jim Carrey ready for the future?

While rumors were hoping for a return of Jim Carrey behind the green “Mask” of Chuck Russell last November, our colleagues from asked the main interested what he thought.
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As he prepares to return to the dark rooms in the guise of the evil Dr. Robotnik, sworn enemy of Sonic ,  could Jim Carrey one day again wear the green mask which had made his fame in the early 90s? In other words, would the actor be ready to take over the cult role of Stanley Ipkiss in a possible sequel to  The Mask ?
Our colleagues at , who recently met him as part of Sonic’s promotion , asked him the question. And Jim Carrey does not seem completely closed to this idea, to which he nevertheless imposes a very precise condition:
“I don’t think in terms of sequels and that sort of thing,” he said. “For [Sonic] , that would seem justified because we have not yet been able to fully develop the character [of Dr. Robotnik] . As for The Mask, as far as I am concerned, it will depend from the director. (…) I don’t want to do it just to do it. But I would only do it if it’s with a crazy and visionary director.
As a reminder, a sequel to the famous film by  Chuck Russell had already been tested in 2005 with the disastrous Son of the Mask . As for the creator of the original comic-book Mike Richardson , he recently mentioned a reboot project , this time worn by a female character.

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