The Walking Dead: the creator of the saga reveals where the zombies come from (and doesn’t give a damn about us)

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This is an old question like the zombie movie. Why do the dead wake up? The creator of The Walking Dead has just answered the question.
Since  George A. Romero reinvented the zombie figure in 1968 with The Night of the Living Dead , the question of the origin of the phenomenon causing the resuscitation of corpses (and their appetite problem) has remained a gray area rarely understood by the movie theater. And for good reason, not only part of the horror generated by the figure of the zomblard comes from its absurd and arbitrary dimension , but also because imagining a credible pretext for zombification is a challenge.
Moreover, Romero himself will have greatly varied on the question, distilling “radioactive” tracks in The Night of the Living Dead , to better pour into a form of millennial symbolism from  Zombie (“when there is no more room in hell, the dead return to Earth ”). And logically, fans of The Walking Dead , the undead saga with planetary success, wondered what could have caused the putrescent apocalypse that fascinated millions of readers of comics and viewers. Until today, screenwriter  Robert Kirkman  had been careful not to lift the veil on this mystery.
80’s Carl Weathers@Lbiddle25
 · 22 janv. 2020
Hey @RobertKirkman , so we never got an answer even with the comic finished, what caused the zombies ?
Robert Kirkman


Space spore.


22:43 – 22 janv. 2020
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It is a quidam which questioned the man who imagined this universe, on Twitter, most simply of the world. And when we ask him, when the comic book The Walking Dead has just ended, why the dead work for the living, the author, producer and screenwriter responds straight away. These are the “space spores” which would have caused the epidemic.
For once, we can see the irony of the answer, which would not be misleading on a poster of series B from the 50s, and seems to confirm what we wrote a few lines above: in zombies it is not the origins that never count.
The second part of season 10 of  The Walking Dead  returns on February 24 

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