The Witcher: after the Netflix series, Geralt will return in an animated film

photo, Henry Cavill
If we will not go so far as to say that Netflix took a huge risk in producing the series The Witcher , we nevertheless welcome the audacity to transpose onto the screen a saga mainly known by the general public for a series of video games who are not allowed to be used as inspiration.
So, of course, connoisseurs will immediately remind us that The Witcher was not originally a video game, but a literary saga by Andrzej Sapkowski and, obviously, they will be right. But the general public, it was not necessarily aware, perhaps more used to the series of CD Projekt games . This was all the more dangerous for Netflix, which had acquired the rights to adapt books while not having the authorization to use any visual reference to games.
photo, Henry Cavill, The WitcherA witcher better left alone
And we can say, that in the end, the network did very well since The Witcher is one of the great series of 2019 , arrived pile-on-pile when we finally digested the disappointing conclusion of Game of Thrones . Public success also since the series would have been seen by no less than 76 million viewers , with one or two bogus figures .
Under these conditions, there is no doubt that Netflix wants to capitalize on the license . With a season 2, already, whose preparation may have already started. But the network will not stop there since we learn today, via the Dark Horizon site that an animated film is also in the pipeline and that it will be called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf . And Netflix has just confirmed that it will take place in the same universe as the series which means that we can expect Henry Cavill to lend his voice to Geralt.
photo, Anna ShafferWe can imagine that everyone will be there

An adventure still a little mysterious since we just know that this time, our favorite Witcher would face a terrible threat on the Continent . While no broadcast date has yet been revealed, Netflix confirms, however, that Lauren Schmidt is still the producer and that the anime will be produced by the Korean studio Studio Mir , to whom we owe, among others, Voltron : Legendary Defenders . In short, a project to follow closely.
photo, Henry Cavill, Joey BateyAnd meanwhile, we are waiting …

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