WandaVision: The Marvel series for Disney + would be completely tared according to Paul Bettany

While Black Widow is in the starting blocks and will hit our screens on April 29, all eyes of Marvel fans are on Disney +, because there it looks a bit special anyway.
And it is true that after Avengers: Endgame and all that questioned, Marvel could not approach its Phase 4 in a classic way and immediately relaunch a series of films. Especially since, in parallel, there was the launch of Disney + and that you have to feed the beast to attract the customer.
Photo Paul BettanyA phase 4 that lacks vision?
This is how, last summer, we had confirmation of several mini-series located in the MCU, with the original actors and developing the universe of films: The Falcon & The Winter Soldier of course, Loki which we don’t know much at the moment, and especially WandaVision which looks damn perched.
Initially planned for spring 2021, it was finally advanced at the end of 2020 and it promises to shake up our habits a bit as the first sitcom ambiance visual of the 50s published a long time ago prepared us for it. A bold choice that Paul Bettany , who plays Vision, confirms today at the microphone of Kevin Smith for IMDB:

WandaVision photoA decidedly unexpected tone

“WandaVision is damn crazy. The choices they make are so perched and crazy. Fans won’t have to wait very long to find out. If the studio has advanced the series, fans will also soon realize by themselves very, very soon. “
Basically, a first preview in the form of a teaser or a trailer should not be too long to land . Needless to say, we are impatient, if only to find out if, once again Marvel is making fun of us by promising us mountains and wonders for, in the end, staying in the nails.
But you never know, if it is, they really chose to let go . After all, they have nothing more to prove, so this would be the best time.
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